Welcome to the 15thAnnual Elmer Tremain Memorial Pool!
Selection Sunday in:

WELCOME BACK! It's 2015 which means it's time for our 15th Annual Pool! Every year I try to have more participants than the previous year (195 entries in 2014!) It's going to be tough, but I'd love to top that this year. So tell your family, tell your friends, tell your co-workers.

We again have some exciting Prize Breakouts and a LOSER/BOOBIE Prize. See Prize information for more details!

68 Teams::  This is the fifth year for the "First Four" - So everyone should be used to it. WE DO NOT PICK these "first round" games. But if you need a refresher of how we handle the 68 team field, Click here.


My Uncle Elmer loved college basketball. The Kansas Jayhawks in particular (but if you knew him or any of his kids you already knew that), but he also rooted for the Tigers (whenever they weren't playing KU that is!). For you youngsters, there was once this thing called The BIG 8, then the BIG 12. And the KU/MU rivalry always took center-stage! Someone could always expect a phone call following those games: if KU won, Uncle Elmer would always call my dad to rub it in, and Dad would always call Uncle Elmer when the Tigers pulled out a win over the Chickenhawks. I remember the fun and camaraderie come tournament time too: entering NCAA pools, making side wagers, the bravado, the trash-talking... In my opinion, in all of sports, the best and most exciting time of the year!!

So back in 2001 I began an online NCAA bracket and once again enjoyed the fun that goes along with it, the bragging, the trash talking, the hopes of coming out on top... But more than that, it was a way to stay close with family and friends...getting family from literally all over the country to participate in the Tournament Pool. And it was a lot of fun. Mike, Dale and Judy all commented then on how much Uncle Elmer would have enjoyed this. It was at that point that I decided to rename this annual pool in his memory.

Thank you for participating in the 15th Annual Elmer Tremain Memorial Pool.
Good Luck and Have Fun!

Scott Tremain

Bracketology 101

When can I enter? Beginning the week of March 2nd, you will have the ability to enter the pool and pay using PayPal. You will see prominent links on this page allowing you to enter and pay. And then on Selection Sunday (March 15th) the online brackets will be available for you to go online and fill out. You have until Thursday morning to pay and submit your bracket(s).

68 TEAM FIELD IN 2015: If you've participated before, you know that we do NOT pick these "First Four" games. This link explains how we handle the NCAA's decision to go from 65 to 68 teams? Click here.

Entry Fee: $10 per bracket. Enter as often as you like. Payable by cash, check or credit card/PayPal.

Prizes will be determined by our number of participants.
2015 prizes break down this way:

   1st Place: $tba
   2nd Place: $tba
   3rd Place: $tba

Back Again:
     Last Place/Booby Prize: You get your $10 entry fee back! :)

1st Round/Play-In Games: n/a (we do NOT pick these games)
2nd Round Games: 2 points each (64 total possible pts)
3rd Round Games: 3 points each (48 total possible pts)
Regional Semis/Sweet 16 Games: 5 points each (40 total possible pts)
Regional Finals/Elite 8 Games: 8 points each (32 total possible pts)
National Semi/Final 4 Games: 13 points each (26 total possible pts)
National Final Game: 21 pts

Tie breakers: Total pts in Final Game / Pick Percentage / Most Teams in Field of 16

Website Fees: A small portion of the total prize pool is reserved for the costs of running the site (Hosting, software, time, etc.)

Thanks again! And Good Luck.

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Complete TV coverage! Every game will be televised! Here is how this year's TV schedule will break down:
  • First Four - truTV
  • Second and Third Rounds - CBS, TBS, TNT, and truTV
  • Regional Semifinals and Finals (Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight) - CBS and TBS
  • National Semifinals (Final Four) - TBS
  • National Championship - CBS

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